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Directions to the Cumbia Cave/Cueva de la Cumbia

So you want to go to the Cumbia Cave, you’ve reached the right place! The Cumbia Cave is located about half way up the road on your way to El Salto. Approximately an hour and a half from El Potrero Chico, a half an hour from El Salto and 45 minutes from Monterrey.

Appoximate GPS Coordinates of Cave:

For private tours and guiding you can contact Mark Grundon at http://www.elpotrerochicoguides.com/

For those looking to adventure to the caves on their own, you use the following directions.

You will reach the very small town of Puerto Genovevo. The sign will say Potrero Redondo. Turn down the dirt road (a left if coming from Monterrey, or right if coming from El Salto) Follow this road for around 30 minutes, 4wd and some clearance is recommended. We made the venture in a 4wd truck but as of 1/2016 a Subaru shouldn’t have any problem. (As you can see from the pictures they are currently paving parts of the road, so be friendly to the workers if you see them) It’s not recommended to go down the hill if it has just rained or if it’s calling for rain. Coordinates for intersection: (25.343144, -100.182741)

The dirt road turn off.

Where the rivers come together (Las Adjuntas) you’ll reach the parking area. The GPS coordinates for the parking area are: (25.300830, -100.141430)


A sign for the area and a small store near the parking area. (You can buy beer here!)


Map from parking area to start of trail.

Currently (as of 1/2016) Don Lalo who would show people out to the cave for some pesos is in the hospital. The following directions should get you there just fine.


The River.

Walk along the left side of the river a couple hundred yards (going downstream) until you reach a small rocky road that goes uphill to the left.


Turn left up this road.

This road will put you in a picnic area and a field. Once you are here you will need to locate a big chossy looking boulder in the middle of the field.


The Chossy Boulder

Walk around the right side of the boulder and follow the path straight behind it. Follow this trail marked by a couple of cairns to the back rightside of the field where the real trail begins at a large rock cairn and leads into the woods.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Follow the Cairns in the slideshow to find the beginning of the trail.


These two Cairns mark the end of the field and the start of the trail. 

Even if the rest of the cairns are knocked over or gone if you find this you should be able to follow the trail all the way to the cave.

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Some more broken tufas mark the rest of the trail back to the cave.

Follow the trail to a ridgeline, then down the hill. You likely won’t be able to see the cave from the ridgeline but should be able to see some striking walls across the canyon, (pictured below)

cumbia30 - Copy

Continue on the trail until you locate a small cave with bolted routes, this is the start of the Cumbia Cave, don’t be disappointed though, the main cave is still another 5 minute hike down the trail.

cumbia11 - Copycumbia16 - Copy

Congratulations, you made it, TUFA HEAVEN. From the parking area to the second cave is a 30-45 minute hike, probably closer to 45 minutes. Enjoy and don’t forget to thank the developers who put in all the work to create this area!